Lactose free

Gluten free


Popped up without fat and oil

Our corn - the taste is already in the grain

Our corn is specially refined. The taste is already in the grain. We guarantee to deliver corn from our specially selected growing areas. Each grower is certified, well trained and contractually bound to meet all of our guidelines to provide you with consistent and superior food quality. Our popcorn corn has been developed using traditional plant breeding techniques without the use of genetic engineering.
Our growers are IFS v06 certified.

Also for at home

With our household vending machines, you can enjoy fresh popcorn from home at any time. We recommend our original Cornfit® popcorn corn in sweet or salty.

An idea. Thinking ahead.

Your well-being, as well as production in harmony with the resources given to us and nature is important to us. For this reason, we only select companies for the production of our products that follow our philosophy and can guarantee considerate production.